What is Color?

Color is light energy

When white light is passed through a prism it is separated into eight distinct light rays. These rays are called the 'Colors of the Spectrum'. They are the same colors that can be seen when the suns' light is pasted through rain drops. The resulting phenomenon is what most of us have experienced as a rainbow.

The only energy that keeps man alive, is light (color) energy. Every other form of energy rays are damaging to the human organism. The physiology of color is the process that takes place during visual perception. And the psychology of color includes the sensation our brains make out of our perceptions.

The aware and conscious application of color can create the changes you want in all areas of your life.

Color Energy Centers - Chakras

Chakras or energy centers, vibrate at different frequencies. Each center presents us with a unique opportunity and enhances our human experience. Each energy center also relates to a specific color frequency and to specific areas of our body. We can tune into each center to assist us in dealing with life challenges, thus creating health and balance.

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View Light Being Refracted Through a Prisim

Random Color Tool


Because each of the "color" rays travels at a different speed, although to the naked eye the difference is imperceptible. When the light hits a prism, the particles are affected by the angle of the medium through which they are passing (the glass), and each has to travel a different distance to emerge from the other side of the glass. Hence, each one arrives there at separate intervals, resulting in the spread of colors you see. The same effect can be seen by shining a light through a glass of water, or in nature, when light passes through moisture in the atmosphere, resulting in a rainbow.

How to use our Random Color Tool:

  1. Make the intention the color you need to focus on today will show up.
  2. Click the Refresh Button under the Random Color tool. The color that shows up the most will be the color you can work on today.
  3. Let's say 6 reds show up after clicking the Refresh Button. You then can click on one of the red squares to learn more about red. Let's say also that there may be 2 colors that show up equally the most. At this point you can choose one or both or click the Refresh Button again for one outstanding color.
  4. At the bottom of each color page is a random Affirmation and a box below it to type your affirmation.
  5. Try this exercise daily for best results.

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