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Our health and Wellbeing on all levels really begins with our Spiritual Wellbeing. In other words we can try to force change by manipulating our environment or everything outside of ourselves. By getting in touch with our true essence, Soul we can experience true transformation. We are Spiritual Beings having a HUman experience while occupying a physical body. We are beings of light and sound. The sound being the HU and the light being the HUE.

While living here in this physical 3 dimensional reality we can realize all the positive aspects of each color HUE by singing the sound HU and by taking proactive action like writing Color Affirmations to create the beliefs more aligned with our Spiritual Nature as Soul, such as I am beautiful, I am joyful, I am free, I am creative, I am intuitive, I am compassionate, I am great, I am inspirational, I am victorious etc.

The affirmation enhancer tool will assit you in aligning your goals and aspirations to your highest self ensuring success. This is an amazing tool and will assist you in manifesting the life you want.

HU, the Sound of all Sounds

The sound of HU is the source of all sound, and sound is as close to the source of life as we can get. Any living being can experience sound first hand by vocally participating in it, but we can only experience light by being exposed to it.

Try meditating by just singing this simple sound of HU for 10 - 15 minutes each day and begin to realize true transformation.

Intro to a guided Meditation

Meditation continued

Recordings compliments of Ernesto Ortiz