What is Your Body Type?

Are you Dramatic, Sporty/Natural, Romantic or Classic?

Dramatic - You have dramatic body features if you are tall, thin, angular, have prominent shoulders and flat hips, and sharp or prominent facial features. One or all of these body features will contribute to your dramatic body type. You will look your best either in straight lines, and finish fabrics, or ultra billowy clothes. You can also wear severely plain or lavishly ornate fabrics and styles.

Sporty/Natural - Your build can range form tall and sturdy to tiny and boyish. Your features may also include a pixy like face, wide-set eyes, squarish jaw and an athletic energetic stride.


Romantic - Your look is truly feminine. You have a curvy figure and look best in clothes that have gently curved lines, either crispy bouffant or a softly draped silhouette. Often the 'Romantic' has beautiful facial features (eyes, complexion, nose and or cheek bones).


Classic - You have even, regular facial features, medium coloring and well proportioned body. Typically you will have good posture , and a sense of formality and poise. Tailored, soft straight lines and fine fabric suit and compliment your body type


When the colors that you choose to wear and to put around you in your environment make you feel good, it is healing and will contribute to your health and balance on all levels..

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