Color For Interiors - Getting Started

Changing your living, office or any space with color is easy and affordable and is the easiest way to create a new look .

Doing this purposefully will create a healing environment because the end result will be exactly what you need and want. You can begin your selection by asking yourself 'how you want to feel' when in your newly painted room. Become clear as to what colors evoke what feelings by going to this page -

Be brave and go for it.

Picking dark shades or tones will make a dramatic difference and can have great results. Trust yourself and your own senses. Be willing to create your own set of rules. Guidelines are intended to make your rules work their best.

Live with your new color(s) for a few days before fleeing back to your previous comfort zone. Remember you picked a particular color because you were drawn to it. Color will create the desired changes you want.

Once the color is on the walls, floors, cabinets or wherever you choose to put it, you may need to make adjustments. The new color may need to be lightened or darkened. Or you may now find that you love the new color(s) just the way they are, but other things may need to be changed. It will become apparent once the new color is place.

Finish what you set out to do...creating a space that you love. If you feel good in your space it will be and is healing. Consult with a professional if need be. He or she will be able to assist you with color complements, balance, contrast and the accessories that fit the feeling you are creating.


"Thank you for your advice.I sent you my room photos and you sent me samples of colors I could use and where to use them. It took the stress out of my decision making process and saved me time and money."
Janet M - Mississippi

"My rooms went from just okay to fabulous with the advice you gave me. Thank you."
Christien K - Maine

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