Picking a Color Scheme

Use the Color Wheel to understand how colors relate to one another and how to combine them in color schemes.

Once understanding the basic principles of color theory, you will be able to create color schemes with confidence and achieve exactly the mood you want.
Learn more about the attributes of each color hueclick hereThis will help you create the feeling you want in your space. For example, If you want to create the feelings of clarity and transformation you would choose colors in the turquoise family.

Choose a color scheme based on:

Primary Colors - Red, Blue, Yellow
Secondary Colors - Green, Orange, Purple
Complimentary Colors - Colors Opposite on the Color Wheel
Harmonious Colors - Colors Next to Each Other on the Color Wheel
Pastels - are pure colors lightened with white.
Shades and Mixtures - are pure colors darkened with black or gray.
Mixtures - are a blending of two or more pure colors
Neutrals - beige, white, taupe, black, gray.
Monochromatic - a color scheme based on one color and tones (tints and shades) of this color.

Combinations of the some or all of the above can be incorporated into your new color scheme. Remember to keep it simple and focus on only (1-3) colors as the main colors while other colors can be used as accents. Get ideas from models or magazines. This whole process can be fun. The end result is a space that will feel so good that it will be like getting a hug every time you walk in.

Finish what you set out to do...creating a space that you love. If you feel good in your space it will be and is healing. Consult with one of our professionals if need be. He or she will be able to assist you with color complements, balance, contrast and the accessories that fit the feeling you are creating.


"Thank you for your advice. I sent you my room photos and you sent me samples of colors I could use and where to use them. It took the stress out of my decision making process and saved me time and money."
Janet M - Mississippi

"My rooms went from just okay to fabulous with the advice you gave me. Thank you."
Christien K - Maine

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