Color for Dress

Pick colors that harmonize with your own color palette - Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring. Spring and Fall are 'Warm' colors. Summer and Winter are 'Cool' colors. Warm colors have a yellow cast and Cool colors have a blue cast.

You will fit into one of the above seasons. Your own palette includes the color of your hair, eyes and skin tone.

Look at yourself in a mirror with natural lighting. If you are not sure what Seasonal Color you fit into, Click Here to take our survey to find out.

You can also drape yourself with large swatches of the color(s). If your eyes twinkle and your skin takes on a natural glow, you probably have picked a color that harmonizes with you. You will get compliments, we promise you, if you wear colors in your color season.


"I am thrilled to know that I am a Summer. I now get compliments all the time when wearing my colors. Thank you Color Connections for your help."
Sharon T - Maine

"Wow my whole closet is now filled with colors that I love and look great in. I save money now by buying only my colors. As my time is important too, I can go into a store and go right to my colors. No guess work."
Andrea J Wisconsin

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